Hi, I'm Wine Specialist Ralph Sands and welcome to my site! I created this resource for many reasons, most of which relate to my life in the wine business, a passion which started almost 40 years ago. The great wines and experiences just keep coming as the love for fine wine has boomed all over the world now. This is a way to share with my friends and customers these great wines and experiences I seem to run into almost daily, as well as the talented people I meet.

I am currently the Senior Wine Specialist and Bordeaux expert for one of the greatest, if not the greatest wine store in America, K&L Wine Merchants, located in San Francisco, Redwood City and Hollywood California. I started working here in 1978 and since that time have tasted well over 100,000 wines and that is a very conservative estimate. It may be over 150,000! Many of the wines that will appear here will be easily found at the award winning K&L Website

I have traveled to my beloved Bordeaux now 47 times and have evaluated every vintage since 1989 averaging over 1000 wines per vintage and personally escorted over 200 people to the region on my tours. I have conducted wine tasting seminars in 14 states in America, as well as in France and Spain. My consulting work at PrimeCellar Asia lets me do the same in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China.


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